Box truck fan?

In our box truck ,we’re having loud burner “backfires”, and it’ll cut out, even though we run with back and side doors open. Our local PW repair shop says we have negative pressure inside, and that the burner is overheating. Does this sound reasonable? I have seen fans mounted on walls of oil field box truck PWer’s, blowing INTO the box.

What say you all?

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Gotta get some air moving. I used these. Lots of different sizes . Bigger is better. Put them right beside the air intake of the machines.

High velocity fan mounted in front of truck powered by inverter, unless you have a 110v system on the heater

Thanks man! We do have a 110 system. What type of fan do you use?

I used these but I was limited to an inverter. You may be able to run something larger.

I don’t run box trucks anymore. Once I got a shop big enough to park everything inside, and Hurricane Matthew flooding, I got rid of them.

Thanks! Did that fix the issue?

It helps tremendously but nothing is perfect. Hot air in a box kills engines.

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This is 7 or 8 years old but you get the concept