Box truck build

Finished up the box truck build…OK are we ever really finished? Anyway, here’s a quick video of the setup and plumbing. Let me know if you have any questions.


Can you share again the link is expired. I’m in process of doing a box truck build and trying to get as many ideas as I can.

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I should get more pictures of everything but we’ve got a pretty good set up.
325 gal water tank 50 gal bleach 50 gal wfp pure water tank
12v pump and proportioner
8gpm cold and 6gpm hot water in one truck
8 and a 4 in the other

Box trucks fit everything lol put lots of hooks on the wall for leaf blowers and other junk

The doors on the side are custom ordered I highly recommend side doors


That looks really nice!!. I’m picking up a 275 and 2 65 gallon tanks on Monday, excited to get it started!

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Nice rig. How do you reach the ladder on the roof?

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I put one of these on. Their awesome


TDC Box truck video

This is the ladder I use, doesn’t take up anything for space, it’s sturdy as well.

:grimacing: 12.5’?

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Thank you for re sending that. It looks nice!!

12.5 is good for where I’m at, never needed to go any higher yet.

The day is coming…that wouldn’t cut it in our warehouse, lol Although we do gutters/guards, a lot of roof cleaning, and Christmas lights, so we need all 32s and a random 40 on occasion…

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I didn’t know they made them for box trucks. Nice. I wish they made them for enclosed trailers.

You can mount them on anything

I thought they were manufactured for specific vehicles and box trucks and trailers were not one of them. I know they don’t make them for enclosed trailers because I looked for a long time. I guess you could have someone make a custom mount. I don’t have skill set to make that happen.

Nothing special it just came with 6 mounts that i bolted onto my roof along the cross beams… this will mount on anything as long as it can support the weight