Bought my first engine

Hopefully I uploaded these images correctly. This is really my first post beyond the introduce yourself. I’m very excited about this engine. I’ve read quite a bit of info on here and have a general idea on going with a gearbox driven pump. Going to call envirospec tomorrow and see what is in stock that suits my needs. Just wanted to say I’ve learned so much just reading the threads and from the 101 guide. Can’t believe how willing everyone is to share knowledge and help others get started. Keep it up boys (and girls if that applies).

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If you could save a bit more money you’d be happier with a Honda in the long run, but you might get lucky with what you have. Others have. Do your homework on where you buy. Envirospec supports orgs that are harmful to the contractor. Paul K, power wash stores, is a super nice guy and I’ve shared fellowship and meals with him, but he is selling franchises to washing contractors, that’s like putting a fox in the henhouse if you live in the same area and have to compete against them in bidding. They also support orgs detrimental to contractors
That leaves Russ J, who is super nice but is an Earnhardt fan, or my all time favorite friend Bob at Pressuretek. You are always better off supporting a local vendor if one is available.

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Yes I have looked at pressuretek as well for several other needed items. I appreciate your input and will certainly consider them as well if they can stock the parts. Oddly enough, hardest thing for me to track down has been the poly tanks. Seems to be a real gap in my area between the 35 gallon tanks and 275 gallon ibc totes.

Agri supply if you have one close by is the best bet

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I think you are in NC so you aren’t more than a two hour drive no matter where you are probably

Check Facebook Marketplace for tanks or Tractor Supply.

Oh yeah two hour drive I do see some available. When I said my area I should have been more specific. My bad. Tractor supply did have a 65 gallon leg tank for $400. Maybe that’s a fair price. Seemed high. Of course the closet northern tool to me is a month out on the $200 horizontal leg tanks. I know I need to be back on marketplace but dang…I really hate Facebook. Thanks for the suggestions. I will do what needs to be done. Next purchase is the pump tomorrow. As it happens I did look up the power wash store and they have one in Charlotte so that’s an option for quick shipping in state. Hope you boys are enjoying your Independence Day.

Don’t buy Northern Tool tanks. A lot of them are Fimco tanks and they deteriorate in the sun/uv

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$400??? Good grief I paid like $150 for that tank three years ago.

@Innocentbystander remembers the one on the front if my old trailer.:laughing:


Consumer grade garbage, but it’s a start :+1: I can’t knock that.

Have you looked for a Honda 24 hp or less engine lately? you might get one by Dec if you are lucky.

Northern tools also have rototec tanks.

I have one IGX and about 8 690’s and there are about 40 ten miles away at my landa dealer. He got a conex container in Feb full of 690’s and IGX’s. Tidewater Power Equipment keeps him in supply. Let me know if you need one and I’ll put you in touch with him.

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I know of a couple places to get Hondas right now…Kohlers, not so much.

I thought the price was a mistake but sadly no

Do you what they are asking for 690’s?

I only know my costs. $1800. But unless you are buying a skid or a replacement for one of his skids he won’t sell it to you. If you’re looking for a skid I can help you with a good price though

Thanks but right now I’m good

Now you’re sounding like our clients…“what do you mean the price of a housewash went up in 3 years?”

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Holy moly. $1800. I’m using the same motor as OP starting out, but was wondering if you personally thought that the GX690 is worth the $1800 price tag? I’ve only been hearing positive things about the 459CC version of the Predator, but am looking to upgrade to the IGX line once we’re in business, thanks.