Prayers sent to the folks in Boston. Such a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately this is the world we live in. Sad,sad day.

yeah. My buddy marched to help support the wounded warrior prject. when he was in the army he got hit with an ied. He finished the marathon minutes before it happened.

A terrible tragedy… We have enough problems with these outside extremest that I’m hoping(for a lack of a better term) this is not from a disgruntled American along the lines of what Timothy McVay did with the Oklahoma City bombing. All leads should be looked into and this one is a stretch but the Wacu disaster is almost 20 yrs to the day of this.

Shrapnel is one thing but is it a common occurrence to use ball bearings in a bomb like this?


[COLOR=#333333]Here is a pic that a DJ from a local radio station captured of my buddy marching in the boston marathon to support the [/COLOR]Wounded Warrior Project[COLOR=#333333], [/COLOR][URL=“”]…r&notif_t=like

Your Buddy is a true American hero. Its people like him who make our country so great.

He is.

Crazy stuff man… Very sad