Boston area

Hello, looking for to purchase a pressure washer around the Boston area. Either a 4gpm or 5 gpm. Anyone selling? Any dealers? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks

Local to you and a Landa dealer.

Didn’t see anything worthwhile on craigslist or Facebook market place in your area. Are you not willing to have one shipped to you?

I would be willing to have one shipped. Just starting out though and not sure I want to buy new. I appreciate your reply too, from my short time on here, your name seems to pop up quite a bit offering help. There’s so much good info here as well as a lot of contradicting stuff. I’m still trying to figure out what best route is…

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You’re welcome. I can only offer some help, I don’t wash yet myself and I’ve just been researching, reading, and talking to the real professionals on here. I won’t give direct advice about washing.

Have you got equipment yet? What’s holding you back from starting

No and I’m not retired yet. Active duty Navy in Hawaii. Waiting to retire to Texas.

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Got it. Good luck and thanks for tagging me in the beginners google doc. Great info.

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I sell for WCR/PWRA.

I’m in Mass too.

862 312 2633


@TexasPressureWashing buy from here and support the owner of the forum

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