So its Friday and im in the office all day just tying up some loose ends. We out the unit in storage about 2 weeks ago. Gutter cleaning officially ended yesterday due to the beautiful 15 degree MN overnights. Still wrapping up the last week or so of window cleaning. Have a couple kitchen floors coming up next week then some carpets, but for the most part, we are shutting down for the winter.

That said, im bored.

If you are sitting infront of the computer today,also experiencing extreme boredom, do your self a favor and shoot me a pm.

I have something pretty cool to show you.

Today i think I just cleaned the last gutters this year even though I have jobs booked well into December. It’s 18 degrees outside and lake snow, it sucks. I guess it’s gonna be a looong winter.

Send Dave a PM if you want to check out something new and very cool!

PM sent Dave.