Booster Pump Info

Glad to welcome @Diamond_Soft_Wash to the forum!

I started this thread so we can open up discussion about using booster pumps for roof cleaning.

Mike, would you mind posting up some info about the pump you use, how it’s set up, spray distances, flow control, etc, at your convenience?


I’m interested in knowing the longevity of these pumps from those who have been using them for a while.

Here is the link for the pump.

I also have their pro switch as well. This allows the pump to turn off when the trigger is not pulled.

I believe the pump is 5.5 gpm and at about 150 psi.
I can get 50 to 60 ft out of the pump.

As far as hooking it up you need a 3 way ball valve on the inlet side. One side for a water feed/ prime ( these are not self priming pumps). The other side I have it going to the proportioner.

The out side goes directly to a titan hose reel or you can hook it to a garden hose as well.

The pumps in/out are 1 inch female so you have to reduce them down 3/4.

Once I have all the components together I will snap some pictures. right now all equipment is tore down so we can rebuild it for the up coming season.

As for how long the pumps last? If you rebuild them every year then they should last for yrs as long and the motor stays running. My last pump motor lasted 2 plus yrs. Would have been more but one of my balls valves sprung a leak and it took my guy 2 days to tell me. It was an sh line.

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Are you using it like a 12v pump or are you force feeding a PWer? Thank you.

Its a stand alone pump. It has replaced my 12 volt pumps.

Thanks for posting all that info…Very helpful!

Are you powering it with a generator? Thank you.

No problem. As soon as I have it all built back up I will Post some pictures of the set up so people can visually see and get a better Idea of what I posted.

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Yes we carry our own generator but we plug into the customers house when we can ( we get permission first). We we plus into a customers house it is very nice because there is no gas motors running. Its nice to hear yourself think sometimes ( not all the time) but it cuts down on the yelling back and forth for communication between the roof and ground guy.


@Diamond_Soft_Wash what size generator for the 3/4 hp? What are your thoughts on the 1 hp.

You can use a honda eu2000 or a 3000/4000 watt generator for the 3/4 hp.
As far as the 1 hp I like the extra distance and you get a little more pressure but you need a bigger generator to run them so to me it wasnt worth the extra cost.

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Here are some pics of the booster pump build. Not done yet waiting on another part to come in. I’ll post more when its finished.


Where’d you get the mounting plate? Or did you make it

It a gen 2 system from softwash systems. I converted it over to fit us.

What pressure switch are you using on the booster pump?

The one from the power wash store