Books to read on power washing?

Hi, I was wondering if any of you had any book reccomendations that encompass the business of power washing. I’m looking to start my own business, and I’m really looking for a book of information that covers types of chemicals used, liability risks, and how to clean different surfaces. Thanks in advance!

Who needs books when this forum is free? :slight_smile:


It is all indexed here too…in the search glass

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Searched and there is no Pressure Washing for Dummies book… Money missed on that print there!

Should replace manuals with the HD and Lowes power washers for that book if it existed.

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My all time fav is Wash and Grow Rich ;>)

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I don’t have one but I’ve heard people swear by it.

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It’s not worth the shipping to get it

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Yea ordered that guidebook about ten years ago and its trash. You ll learn more in an hour here than five hours of reading that book. If it would even take that long…


That’s good to know. Like I said I don’t have one and looks like I never will lol

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So I’m guessing there’s not any reliable books to go off of! I’m that case, do y’all have any tips and tricks for starting out? I wasn’t aware that there was so much involved with power washing!

On another forum, there is a thread about “your best tip”. It has a lot of great advice for all, esp newbies and those who want to learn. Out of respect for this forum, I won’t mention the name but if you’re resourceful, you’ll find it

Most people selling courses and books will give you just enough free info they’ve compiled that you’ll get stuck when anything remotely advanced pops up in my experience.

Or they’re using it as a marketing tool to sell you something bigger. I took a Christmas lights course on udemy and at the end had more question than when I started. I’ve taken multiple online courses about marketing, Facebook ads, stock trading, etc etc…

I’m always so disappointed when it’s baseline stuff you can get for free.

The little search icon in the top right hand corner is worth more than any course anyone is going to sell you on pressure washing. Type in your first question and welcome to the rabbit hole.

Good luck!

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You can share it. I used to ask IBS about PT State forum stuff from time to time.

This is the only one I can tell giving new info anyway.

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Ok, I appreciate the clarity.