Bocce Ball Court and Slate Patio

Hey PWR!

Putting together some prices for a community and got asked about this artificial turf bocce ball court.


My immediate thoughts were treating with a bleach solution, agitation, and then softly rinsing away. However, I don’t know if the results would be worth the service.

Also, there is this slate outdoor dining area. I have done similar areas before with good results but thought I would ask for advice while posting the above.

Looking forward to the advice!

That second pic looks like slate tile. If you haven’t messed with slate tile before let me tell you it shears off as you can see by looking at it. If you apply pressure all the loose will come off.

I’d follow IBS’s advice on this.

I’ll let the PW pros answer how to clean it. I’ve installed that stuff before and new it looks awesome, great color variations. After some traffic and some sun/rain cycles it starts to shear. People think it is improper installation at that point. In my area we use shale for one thing, compaction to lay a driveway over. I own a deck table with it on there, took care of it, sealed it, covered when not used, still shears.

Good luck to you.

Edit: Quick question, an Italian club? Not being smart, but I’ve never seen anyone else play it.

Hah no just a well to do retirement community. Secured 200+ concrete patios now providing price list for everything else.

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