Bobs Jrod vs shooter tip

What is difference for downstream

I use my shooter tip with Bob Jrod to down stream.

J rod is a holder Bob made so you can put tips in and change out quickly while working, a lot of guys use soap tips for all their washing, a shotter tip to me shoots soap a long distance range

I made an illustration for that but lost it in the system. Can you find it on FB [MENTION=7657]housewasher[/MENTION]?


Where can i find one of those

You can’t baker

Oh. OK.

I know Mr. Baker, it’s nothing like that. Guy B, the fella that had them made, has sold all of them he had.

He might eventually have more made and then you and I each can buy one.

Mine is two years old and I would cry like a baby if I lost it. So I will buy another one when he makes some more.

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Haha OK. Thought may by it was a secret or something. Haha

I here ladder savers are similar they look the same I am not sure, google it

I bought a ladder saver in case something happens to our shooter tip. Zach won’t use it. The ladder saver may be okay for smaller gpm machines.

Tim thank you for that, I was going to do the exact same thing, guess I will save 50 bucks