Bob's bandit vs Bill's dual pump set up?

Pros and cons of each? Which would you prefer and why?

Bob’s impeccable customer service and top performing product(s) is what we built our business on. I can’t imagine it being any better than it is so I buy Bob.

Sorry, I have not used the other product.

I get everything from Bob

I also use Bobs bandit system, fast shipping, and his customer service is top of the line.
I can’t say anything about the other since I have no experience with them.

On a side note if Russ From Southside equipment has what I need, I order from him. He has went above and beyond my expectations,

From my experience you can’t go wrong with ordering from either one of them.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

I have had both. Sold Paul’s pump system, unused, to Guy for less than I paid for it to get rid of it. It has two pumps but they cannot be linked together. One is basically a back up. They are not Delevans. I have Fat Boys from Bob that are still running after 5 years. Paul’s is a decent product, but it is not comparable to the fat boy set up.

I must be out of the loop, I don’t even know who Bill is. I do know Bob, I had one of the original Bandit’s with the roller pump, made a fortune with it. I can tell you Bob’s service is second to none.

I have & use the dual pump. I like it. I have nothing to complain about only that the pressure switch went the 2nd time I used it & a few hose clamps were loose when I got it. But it does the job & gets the roofs clean.

John Devine.

Washed up, how do you like the hose that comes with the dual pump system? Have you ever used the kuri tec hose that comes with the bandit? im wondering how the two compare.

John, Bill works for Paul K

my mistake, bill is the only person I have dealt with at powerwashstore. I guess this would be Paul’s dual pump setup then.

really hard to give a review on something that was unused…

Not if you do this for a living. No accumulator, half flow pumps and no way to run them in series. Not a bad system for some purposes. Just not roofs.

You must have bought an old model. Pauls roof rig has had the accumulator for quite some time and can be combined if needed. I bought a twin pump system after extensive research about a year ago and its done what ive needed it to do. Its pretty much a to each his own kinda thing. People who need to save a few pennies will usually go with the high quality twin pump and people who love them some Bob(which it is well deserved) will go with high quality bandit.

I don’t mind the braided hose. I haven’t used it in the colder weather so I can’t comment on that. I know that type of hose gets difficult to work with when its colder out.

John Devine.

As long as whatever system your using has an accumulator your good to go. That’s the key ingredient.

John Devine.

Just ordered “The Bandit” , backup FB/transfer pump and some other items from Bob at pressuretek. Heard mainly good things and already know first hand the great customer service. Cant wait to get this thing and start cleaning.