Boat wash.....,

Hey anyone know a good product to use where I can downstream and wash a boat with ?

Research that. We talked about the subject this year. Can’t remember the PW ppl talking about it though. but maybe @firefighter4hire was involved I’m thinkin.
I’d wash the trailer. but if don’t roll on rubber, I don’t scrubber…

Tired researching not much info out there… was just going to ds some house wash on all the white topside not the hull

Nah , don’t waste your time and chems. Just hold up a lil, someone will chime in tonight man.


It would really depend on the boat and how it built. Some boats are just fiberglass and vinyl seats no big deal. But some boats cost a million dollars and that’s not the process you would want to use. Need pictures and more information. Also need to know where boat is located. (Land or sea).

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On the water … it’s a 50’ Viking just has dirt and mold on the top side don’t think a little hw mix won’t hurt anything it’s a buddy of mines boat

No pics no proof. Let us take a lookie lou.

Ok NO dont do that just get some mild soap and a brush. Pressure Washers have a place and that’s not it.

Yeah I know we can use a soap and brush my buddy was trying to make it easier on us …lol

What do u want a pic of?

Pics of Dah BOAT be nice… @Justin_Treu
So ppl can lend a hand to helping you get the chems and proper way to wash it. Not the name of her on the back or the serial # . Just the boat…

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What type of soap is he using now. You are going to spray your house wash on his boat in the water. Where are you going to rinse it off

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What do you guys use on trucks / rv’s?

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Big fella caustic soaps and HF, on trucks ,Unless its highly polished.PH acid and sissy soap on gel coat RV’s, With black streak remover for windows… @Justin_Treu. We DS, 2 step. But some on here US soap only…

If I were you and you wanna do a WOW look. Stop by a local Marina and get friendly with them,shake hands kinda thing…
You’d be amazed how much information you can get by a simple smile and a hand shake

I clean lots of stuff with my low pressure nozzle. It’s a 15040 nozzle on a short lance. I’ll use on truck seats, floor mats, cleaning under the hood. I’d clean that boat with it too but my soap isn’t great for the lil fishies. The algae will flourish as it feeds on the soap then as the population increases it consumes all the oxygen from the water and the fish die. Not good for public relations and all

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All Makes sense now.
Knew something was off with you. Thanks for clarifying @dperez. To much washing with mouth open.
It’s to late for me, I’m a lost cause. but your younger and have much to teach and live for.

@Hotshot I’m so confused with your last post

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Lol. Good.

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