Bluestone pavers

I’ve been researching and im getting conflicting answers about cleaning bluestone. I’ve read that people can etch it with as low as 900 psi and racer saying using a light commercial mix (ebc) with low to medium pressure (assuming 1200-1700 psi. This stuff is a couple of years old and from the pictures she sent is barely dirty at all. I guess the only way to really tell how easy it is to etch is to test it but wanted everyone’s opinions first to help make it more concise for people in the future


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Blue Stone Can Etch Just By Looking At It!..

I would apply the cleaner and rinse it off with the ball valve and that’s it… Do Not Use A Surface Cleaner


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@AAPressurewashing00 I’ve used a sc on it before, but I can’t remember the pressure. I know it didn’t etch. Last thing you want is to have to replace it, so the least pressure possible. I can’t believe I didn’t think to research the pressure requirements of bluestone. I just assumed it would be like concrete. :man_facepalming: Glad I got off easy and didn’t screw it up.

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Hey that’s okay man, it worked and that’s all that mattered lol!

Before she mentioned it to me I’ve never even heard if bluestone so I figured others haven’t either. Some light research shows it’s a natural stone, some is made of sandstone and others of limestone and all research goes to it being $$$

Yes, So charge accordingly… It can be done

I clean blue stone pool deck yearly, And the first time I cleaned it, I did a test area in a corner with a soft wash tip, (900 psi id say) and it left a mark…

I usually apply the cleaner and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, dwell time is your friend here… Then very carefully rinse off with a ball valve…

I appreciate the response! Yeah I’ll try a test spot if I get it for sure and report back here. It’s about an hour away so I’m not really worried if I get it or not but was more interested in the stone itself