Blue Stone

Hey guys, was at a customer’s home this afternoon and he asked if tomorrow when we come back to clean his exterior glass if we could clean his back patio. He wasn’t sure of the type of stone and the search bar isn’t bringing me to any results with anything that looks similar. Anyone familiar with the stone? Seems like pretty tough stuff. What would you recommend to clean? DS house wash mix or maybe up to straight ds? Also would you just let dwell and rinse or bust out the sc? Will be digging through the archives tonight to look for more info but unfortunately I don’t have much lead time on this. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/info.

I’ve done a couple - doesn’t look like a lot of mold. Bluestone pretty tough stone. I just used my light commercial mix with EBC and rinsed off with medium pressure. I’ve done outside bluestone hearths with just a HW mix if they had some mold them or Sodium Percarbonate is good too. Then just rinse with low - to medium pressure. Think not very dirty wood deck.

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What is your “light commercial mix”? And how are you injecting/mixing the EBC?

(I’ve never used EBC)

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about 6-7 oz per gal. downstreamed

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You mentioned you were pulling something like 18:1 off of a 3-5 GPM, if I’m not mistaken.

Are you using that same injector for this DS application?

yes, unless it’s really dirty then I’ll use my 4gpm which pulls 8-9 to 1 to ds it on with. But what you showed in pic doesn’t look very dirty. Heck, just mix up a bucket using some Dawn and shoot on there. You just want something to break up dirt some. That big of an area I wouldn’t be against using a surface cleaner on, just throttle it down some.

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I was thinking, depending on how much wall you have to do, you could just buy a HD pw with Honda engine for prob $300. Then you could run small surface cleaner, one of the $50 ones. Cheaper than the Mosmatic. And they work pretty good. I have one I use to use for cleaning curbs.

Little homeowner model prob has 300 hours on it and still runs great.

OK. That’s a good idea. Thank you.

You have a 4 and an 8 on your trailer at all times?

yes, gives me a backup or if I’ve got a helper put him to work with it

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why not SH of like 1 % on bluestone?

Well now.

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how about food stains like grease,alcohol, ketchup etc .