Blue Button Explained

It’s an evil psychological experiment to see how many times the support chat window is opened before a PWRA forum member red tips themselves in the face!

Please for the love of baby Jesus disable or move this blue abomination before another phone, tablet, or laptop gets broken.


AMEN brother…


Y’know, it’s funny: that thing hasn’t gotten in my way once on my iphone. It disappears to the background when I start composing a new post.

It will reappear if I dismiss my keyboard by hitting the ‘Done’ button at the top right, but I’ve never dismissed my keyboard to upload a picture before.

So this is really a glitch in the way the blue bubble appears on android devices. It would not be such a pain if it behaved the way it is supposed to.

I would ask that all you android users who are having issues with the bubble not behaving, please take a screenshot of that and email the pic to me:

@Chris, can we get a bug report submitted to whomever programmed that little chat bubble plugin?


Please help, it is very much a pita.

Email sent…Thank you!


Mama always said the blue button…images

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Received. I’d like to see where that blue button is when the keyboard is visible, though.

Sent it to you

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Hehehe, giggle,giggle @Grizz


I have to turn my phone sideways to upload a picture and it’s still in the way. It’s impossible when holding my phone normally and I can’t check my posts before posting

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Ok, so as several members have confirmed for me, this is an issue with the way the bubble renders on Android devices.

On iphone, the bubble politely disappears to the background while you’re composing a new post. On Android, it sticks around like something you stepped in and can’t seem to scrape off.

So, anyone who knows who the developer is, can we please get a bug report submitted, stat?

@Chris, @Alex, @JessicaPWR, @Jordie, @Steve

Or, y’all could get real phones. Just saying :rofl:


I thought they were only for ladies @Infinity, my daughter and wife have one, but the men in our family prefer real phones :wink:


And have to get a new phone so often? I’ll pass :joy:

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iPhone 8 Plus

iPad Pro 11

@ShinedUP those are cute little things… Lol

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I get a new iphone every 2-3 years. In tech time, that’s like 100 years, lol.

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These so called plugin developers need a good old attitude adjustment…

Took me a few tries but finally got it to play.
Great song!


Hehehe,hahaha. Giggle :joy: