Blowing through downstream injectors

Hey guys

I’ve gone thru 2 injectors in about 4 weeks. Last season it held up for many many months before I had to replace.

I flush after every job for about a minute and then take the injector off and rinse in a bucket of water.

Luck of the draw or could something else be happening?

Edit: running 2.3 GP injectors. The one that lasted long time last year was a dual barb.

You should be flushing them anytime you are rinsing. There is no need to take them off and rinse then in a bucket. One every two weeks is about average. They’re only $15

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10-4 thank you sir

ditto…at full throttle we probably get about 3 weeks at 2-3 houses a day…that makes it about 0.05% of revenue to replace…

It varies - 2 weeks to 6months. I agree on batches, sometimes get them and they don’t last long at and then get a good batch. No need to take off. I flush mine at EOD for about 30 sec. Surprised you’re using 2.3 unless you’re not cleaning very dirty stuff.

Typical. Some last months, others last days. I even tried that spiffy stainless GP and it quit in two weeks.

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Probably not a stainless spring…so the housing became irrelevant. They could probably make them out of bare steel and still outlast the spring, lol

It’s supposed to be kynar or some spiffy chem resistant material, I didn’t have much luck with it.

Hastelloy spring. Supposed to be way better than stainless.

I think they had an issue with either the barbs breaking, or the gasket behind the barb blowing out. I had one fail like that last year. Swapped the o-ring out with a nitrile one, and no problems since.

Came across an old post of yours showing a pic of a 2.1. What’s the logic on using that for an 8gpm machine?

It draws a stronger mix

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