Blowing fuses

7gpm soft wash pump blowing fuses left and right. Why?

Going to clean up hoses with a 90 going to a titan reel with 200 feet 1/2 hose all plumbing 1/2 inch as well

Eventually go to a Proportioner but testing it out with straight water and it blows the 25 amp fuse every time it’s in use

Does it blow as soon as the switch is turned to on or after a bit of run time?

It was running for a short period now once I press the trigger it stops and blows the fuse system is completely primed

Had issues with 1/2in hose with my 5.5gpm. Moved up to 5/8 in hose, no issues and great flow. The pump would pulsate when flowing and have a horrible flow. Once changed to bigger hose it all stopped. Might be giving some odd voltage back in the wiring causing the fuse to blow.

Can you return it and get a new one. Maybe something internal is shorting out

have a bunch of those NT pumps. Try hooking your leads straight to battery and see if it blows. If it does, carry back. Could be the switch you have or you’ve got wires touching somewhere. Those pumps generally bullet proof but you’ve got a warranty.

Move your fuse right next to the battery terminal. You’re not protecting much with it where it’s at.


Fuse should be after battery and before switch. Closer to the battery the better.

Fuses are not just about protecting the pump, it’s the whole system downstream from the battery. If you drop something on the cable and cause a short, you could have a fire or ruin your battery. Best practice is to have the fuse as close to the battery terminal as possible.

We’re talking about a piece of equipment a foot away. Moving the fuse 6 inches closer to battery not going to solve his problem. And personally I like putting the fuse after the switch, otherwise it’s always hot.

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Thought of something else. If the pressure is slightly more than the stated 60, then it will draw more amps. I know on a Delavan if you increase the pressure, it increases the amp draw. Like it goes from 22 amps at 60psi to over 25 if pressure set at 80psi Try putting 30amp fuse in there. That may solve it.

Always hot is the idea. When the pump is off, there is no current running through it anyways. Put it after the switch and what happens when you accidently bump something against the terminals on the switch? In his pic above, the terminals are clearly exposed. In this case, it’s not the 6" that will make much difference, it’s the exposed parts that are dangerous being unprotected.

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I had issues with my pump doing the same thing and after I charged the battery, everything worked great. Don’t know why that worked but might try charging the battery.

If voltage decreases then current increases

Yep, VxA=W
And i have to agree with the fuse being as close to the battery as possible. Ive seen way to many pieces of equipment burned to the ground over bad fuse placement or no fuse at all🤦‍♂️

I agree with you on that. I don’t like that switch at all. Let one of those pump fittings spew a little SH on it, that could get exciting. But you 're debating setup. I was just trying to get it running first, then we can critique his setup. Stay focused, lol.

I went and looked up the specs on northern, they claim that pump pulls 23 amps. Id say kicking it up to a 30amp wouldnt be a bad idea. Running a 25 doesnt give much wiggle room for the sudden spike at start-up when its already under pressure.