Block Walls On School Building - Process

** Maybe I am using the wrong term in the search bar but I couldn’t really find anything on this type of block structure.

What do you guys think about cleaning this wall? What process would you use? Would you do any kind of sealer on the block after cleaning it?

If you look at the other pictures they are from work I did at this facility last summer. The wall turned out very clean but it took me sooo long. Just trying to keep labor costs (time) down if possible.

I used an xjet with 12.5 sh and surfactant let dwell for about 10 minutes and rinsed with 40 degree tip.


That’s split face block. I wouldn’t seal it. Xjet could work, or 6% with a 12v. Then rinse with pw. You may need a boom


Looks good. Only way to speed up is a lift, 12v and bigger machine to rinse with.
Though you could probably get by with a tall A frame ladder. They rent at HD for about $90/ day

@DoubleH “Split Face Block” ok thanks. I had no clue. I kept calling it concrete block.

@Racer The lift is definitely the way to go.I am renting one for this summer when I go back. When I did it last year I used a telescopic almost every day for 2 weeks. Great workout. :muscle:


Where I live you can rent towable lifts for about 300 bucks a day. They go up to 50’. Save on delivery and pick up fees. Even some Home Depot’s rent them…

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They have those here too, but then you need a 2nd truck to tow around building.