Bleached stucco siding?

So a few days ago I did a soft wash on a roof of a customers home. Today she texted me this photo saying the bleach i used had stained the stucco on the front of her home. Is this possible? I used a 1.5-2% SH solution on this roof with cling on, dawn, and water. Im thinking its residue left from the roof wash? I rinsed and rinsed the entire house to make sure i got any remaining chemical off. What to do?

It didnt stain it. It cleaned it . You are going to have to go back and hit the house with 3%. This is why I wont do a roof without a whole house wash


Agreed… I usually up sell the house for $100 or so. You have to rinse the house anyways

LOL, why you have to rinse the house? Occasionally a gutter. Are you spraying from the yard? Only time I rinse is if there is stained siding next to where I’m spraying.

On the house above your ground guy should have gotten that before it became a problem. But you’re probably going to have to wash the house but now you’ve got the problem using a strong mix with all the stained or painted wood below. Prewet it.


So here’s the thing. If that stuff sat on the siding long enough and you weren’t paying attention… meaning not pre wetting or rinsing that off the siding, it dried on there.

You may want to have the number of a painter in your back pocket in case the whole house wash leaves you disappointed.


That white haziness is not a good sign.

Why would you use dawn if you were also using cling on?!