Bleach Suppliers

A few months ago I received a barrel of SH that was brown and practically inert. Mentioned it to my supplier, sent 1/3rd back (used the rest that day for jobs that would have only required 10-15 gallons), and never heard a word about it. Last week I had one bust at the bottom while moving it. THAT was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have known for some time that I needed to find another supplier so I just found a supplier that will deliver bleach for $25 plus under $2 a gallon and supply me with 250 gallon tank(s) free.

SO, have YOU researched a fair price for bleach?

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Harper and company is awesome :slight_smile:

My Landa dealer delivers every week. $2.16 a gallon for the first 200 gallons then $1.95 a gallon. No delivery fee.

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Small-time buyer here getting 15-gallon drums at $3.13 a gallon. The 55-gallon drum for me would run me $2.56 a gallon. Both prices reflect me picking up at local supplier.

Same here, roughly $3.25/gal and he has a gas pump fill hose doodad.

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If you bring your own tank its cheaper. The production manager said they sell 10 gallon tanks. Also, I think you get more of a break after 30 gallons, but you would need to confirm all of that with the office.

Are you going to Smith and Jones? @FatFIRE

Yes @PPWofLexSC

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who are you getting it from MrSparkleVA?

Tim @softworks recognized the terms: the company is Harper in Newport News and then deliver to Chesapeake and most of the Tidewater area. Bella and Stephanie are very nice in the office while Robert does the delivery, He’s top-notch as well. AND, they are EAGER to give away totes to their customers, their SH isn’t watered down or brown, and they deliver most weekdays.


I miss VA, cool place to live.


So I’m kind of in a pickle. Trying to order drums of 12.5% only issue I have don’t have a commercial address the store it at. Getting on the phone with the company they say they don’t like having chemical at a residential location which makes complete sense. Is there a workaround for the guys that don’t have a commercial location that you have found?

They have not said no to me, they are trying to find work around to see if I can have my father-in-law‘s plumbing business address as the commercial location that they require. I will always be picking up and dropping off the drums so they will never deliver or pick up from anywhere. Any advice ?

Rent a small storage unit for $50-60 a month and have it delivered there.

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I had the same issues at first with the local supplier of the chemical. Once I contacted the regional rep all the issues evaporated and I was able to pick up the barrels (they also offered delivery but the price for delivery was absurd). Just make sure you order them under your business name and pay with your business account to alleviate any concerns. I order one drum at a time, and they have many drums in stock (fresh).

IF the local office is giving you any issues talk to the sales rep, it is in their best interest to keep business moving (selling chems).

Of course I am currently ordering nothing, and will be shoveling snow again today for the 5th day in a row. Not much accumulation daily, just PITA accumulations.

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The company is harcros, they are sales rep Adrian has been helping me a ton but the credit department called my father-in-law‘s business and the girls at the desk had no clue so that’s where the problem started. I contacted the manager of the credit department about 30 minutes ago and he said he was working with me to see what options there were since he knows its not my location and the chemicals would be stored in my tanks on the trailer in my garage but I was just seeing if there was a faster work around I could talk to him about. Storage unit is definitely a good one. I hate paying the extra but really it’s just a location for their books and to satisfy EPA guidelines. They will never deliver or pickup from the location.
They want to do buisness just without breaking rules.

Hopefully since I called the manager of the department directly it will get resolved like you mentioned @Dirtyboy. I have another supplier who can sell to me but it’s like $4.00 a gallon for a drum and harcros is giving me $2.71… so yeah lol. Pool store offered me 30 gallon carboys for I think $3.45 it was…

I don’t know your area at all, so I don’t know who does or doesn’t sell what there. I would contact univar, a quick google showed me that they have a local supplier. I get my SH about 2 and change a gal in 53 gallon drums.

a very quick google says they are at

Univar USA

(816) 410-1824
1123 Bedford RdKansas City, MO 64116
I have no idea if they have a supply place there or a business location.

this also showed up on google, might be a paid ad not sure
Terrace Chemical & Packaging
(816) 533-4160
2819 Southwest BlvdKansas City, MO 64108

Once again, it is just an option. I know I had to jump through hoops it seemed. Now how I do it is contact the rep via email, he quotes me a price, I place order, go there and pick up and pay them. If you still have no luck, message me and I’ll give you my reps email and he should be able to find the rep in your area.

Now i have procrastinated long enough, the walkway and driveway await my arrival.

Terrace is the one that buys from harcros and resells it for almost $1.50 more per gallon… I’ll try uvinar , I think I tried to contact them at one point with no response

You have to make an account with them before they will discuss anything.

I was able to get pricing with Harcros before I submitted paperwork for the account but have not yet with univar

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