Bleach safe clothing?

Does Carhartt or Dickies make clothing that is bleach safe? I would like to report that I am neat and tidy with pressure washing as I am cleaning windows, but alas, I am not. I am going through all my old clothes and would like to better my appearance on the job.

Do a search. Lots if threads on this. My suggestion would be dickies work pants (not the denim) in blue or khaki. 100% polyester for shirts.

We wear waterproof wind breaker pants, doesn’t stain, wash off at the end of the day, and keeps you dry, works very well for us.

Matthew Adkins
Adkins Cleaning Solutions
Greensboro, Nc

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Looking into Carhartt waterproof bib overalls with the matching coat and hat. This might be the ticket, can wear over stuff and rinse it off. Might be hot in the summer, but the protection and professional appearance will win out over comfort - just drink lots of water.

That is what I wear and it works great but mine is made by Dakota and is all black. Looks super pro and it’s really tough. If I have multiple jobs lined up throughout the day I’m clean and presentable in my clothes when I show up then protected from chem and water when I’m suited up and working

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors
Victoria BC Canada

100% poly tshirts have work great. Dickies paints seem to last the longest, read the tag and don’t buy there 100% cotton paints.