Bleach refill question

For those of you that refill a container at your local PW supply, how exactly does this work?

I don’t have a dedicated ‘bleach tank’ as my trailer is tiny and the thought of 30 gallons of a hazmat liquid bouncing around back there makes me cringe. You guys pointed out my 1gal bleach is getting old so I’m thinking about in-person refills.

Now, without a tank do I just show up with four, 5 gallon jugs? I might go through that in a couple weeks.

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Personally I’d go with 2 15 gal or 1 30 gal drum strapped done properly of course.

Strap it down and it won’t bounce at all. Pretty sure in most states you can carry up to 55 gallons so it’s not really “hazmat”.

I’m with Sasquatch. I’d get some form of tank. You can get those 7 gallon plastic carboys at Wal-Mart. They say they’re for hauling water for camping or whatever. Since you don’t go through much I’d just throw my down stream injector line in the 7 gpm carboy. Go through the lid with the hose and just buy another lid for transporting.

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Not sure what a carboy is, I have a few of these and can get more.

I drop the remote pickup tube into a full one at the job.

I just say ‘hazmat’ because a nice leak of 12% from a container would pretty much corrode everything in my trailer. Right now I have 8, 1 gallon jugs in a black plastic tote in case all that bouncing around pops one. Our roads are not the best here.

That’s the jug I was talking about. Some people call them carboys or at least on ebay…lol. I think carboys are the big 5 gallon glass jugs for brewing beer.

I would just use the white jugs like that. Would be easier than messing with one gallon jugs. Screw down some milk crates to the floor and just put in there. It won’t go anywhere. I’m not sure if it would fit in a crate though. If not, just get some angle iron, lag to floor, drill a hole in each side, and run a ratchet strap under the handle to each side of the angle to secure it.


Gotcha, fill these up instead. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Do you have the fancy injector with the orifice? If not, ds’ing straight 12.5 might be a little strong. I’d put a couple of 15 gallon drum in the trailer and strap them down. Make sure they are not white. If they are, paint them black or blue.

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It’s an enclosed trailer so color probably doesn’t matter. Heat is more of an issue although I did add a roof vent finally. If I can find a 15 gallon tank locally I’m jumping on it.

Standard GP 2.1 injector, ordered a 2.3 just for the heck of it. It is a bit frustrating having to shut the machine down to surface clean but no biggie.

Why shut the machine down to surface clean? I thought you had the Ultra where you just insert your gun into it?

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I think he thinks it restricts the water to much. I never remove mine when surface cleaning.

Check car washes or Craigslist.


I got ya. I don’t usually pull the injector off either. I know @Racer tested it out once and got like an extra gallon of flow though. Might be worth it if you have a ton of surface cleaning to do.

Hey @dcbrock. You could always put a high pressure ball valve right before the injector. You wouldn’t have to turn the machine off then. Then spend another $50 and make your own injector bypass. :grinning:

I do, it’s threaded on and I use the dreaded ball valve-Mosmatic swivel.:laughing:

Still won’t matter with the GPM issue. With the injector clipped inline I can use my Ultra as-is. Take it off and I have to put a weight on it.

That’s a thought.:thinking:

I need an unloader block first though, my pump outlet faces the wall and I’m running out of room.

I ordered the stuff to make my own bypass. About $165 for 2 of them.

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Maybe just put it between your whip and injector.