Bleach in the cold


So it got down to like 25 degrees here in Maryland like 2 weeks ago. Ever since my bleach seems to not work anymore. Did the cold temps kill the bleach? Any explanations??


Lots of good stuff in there on this topic


Is there a more efficient way to use the bleach on siding during the winter? Should I get a hot water heater? Or what are y’all thinking? I’m still doing 4+ houses a day solo and the sun doesn’t stay up like it does during the summer. Any tips for an effieciant bleach house wash?


Basically, use a stronger mix.


Warm water via boiler will boost SH cleaning power, but it is hard to maintain less than 120 degree’s. Vinyl distorts @ 160 - 165 & I have seen distortion @ 140 or less in some cases & I wouldn’t apply warm water to 25F or cold windows unless you have a healthy bank account that needs draining. I understand the working in the winter deal but 25F is cold. Good luck with the artic cleaning.


He’s not cleaning in 25f, his chems were left out in that temp.


Mixing with warm water probably isn’t the best anyway. Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Hot water breaks down SH. Just use a stronger ratio. My tank is outside and temps have been below freezing several times this year.


@Innocentbystander is 100% correct. Grizz and I did a roof and a house today with Bleach that’s been sitting outside. @Grizz will confirm. I ran pretty much straight bleach and elemonater on pretty nasty house and it cleaned up like new. Had to dwell just a min or 2 longer. Roof I did at 5% instead of my usual 3.5 and cleaned it right up and it was a pretty bad one.


Yeap cleaned up great! Just ask my hoodie

Pro tip. Never wear cotton when doing roofs. Throw away any cotton you used when doing a roof before you get home and wife sees it.


Darn, I missed a spot on the lower right., lol.


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