Bleach and aluminum flashing

I just got a call from a new customer that needs her vinyl siding cleaned. I walked her through the process using SH and she mentioned the last washer left streaks on the aluminum window frames as the house is roughly 27 years old and the elements have faded them.

She’s really nice and understanding, and we agreed to try and be careful when xjetting around the windows.

How do you veterans deal with this?

If my guys pull up on a house that had aluminum trim or cladding, they just leave and note saying we don’t wash it and leave. I try to weed out those in phone calls but they soup in occasionally

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There’s nothing to do with it except for deal with it…setting realistic expectations to the customer. Paints 27 years old… maybe recommend she gets them painted after your done washing.

If she expects you not to mess with the paint then pass