Blasting paint off bricks

Got a request to blast the paint off of the bricks in the attached photo. My thought is turbo nozzle may work but probably just walk away. I’ve had experience trying this in the past with concrete and while sometimes a lot of it will come off it seems that there are several places where it sticks much better and won’t. Walk away?

Not sure what everyone would use, but that is going to be a chemical removal I’d bet. You sure are getting some weird ones lately :joy:

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I had this too, informed the customer it would send paint chips flying everywhere and I’m not responsible for the cleanup. They got in a huff and said they’d do it themselves.

Turbo probably won’t get much off that brick.

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Yes I sent the job over to the dustless blaster. I always try everything once. I’ve already tried this but with concrete and definitely have crossed off things I’m never going to do again.


unless they were repainting it I wouldn’t try it. Everyone already mentioned the chips, and with you being cali, they probably have to be sent to a lab and tested to make sure they don’t have an environmental impact before being disposed of :grinning:

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You’re not wrong. My friend in Kali used to be a carpenter and made beautiful furniture out of wine barrels. He had to shut down partly because they were making him dispose of the sawdust in an “ecologically sustainable manner” and an inspector would come out to be sure various ‘species’ of wood dust were separated accordingly.

I’ve seen this one work and works great.That’s very expensive job to do,you cannot go cheap on this kind of jobs.Get some stripper and do a test spot,make sure customer pays you for the test spot too.

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