Black stripes on the paving

Hi, so I am currently doing my first pressure washing job and i have a question. I’ve been cutting the weeds with 0 degree nozzle and later i saw that it left black stripes, is it just that the water is still inside of the brick and it will look normal after about 24h hours or i did something wrong.

Modern art. Charge extra.
Besides removing weeds, what else was done so far?
On interlock i’ve found that hw mix and surface cleaner take out weeds, and since the surface cleaner applies pressure evenly it doesn’t leave lines. Just pull the really big ones out by hand first. Takes 5 minutes. Get a surface cleaner if you dont’t have one, it’s necessary to wash hardscapes efficiently with professional results.

Those aren’t going to “dry up”. You might be able to blend them in a bit if you use an appropriate spray tip and/or surface cleaner with appropriate tips. If you look up “etched concrete” in the search bar of the forum you’ll have tons of information that you can read through with more thorough suggestions/suggestions/etc.


I’m actually having trouble finding the right words on this one.


I’m not.



Just red tip the rest so its all the same. Figure about 80 hrs so charge accordingly

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This is a really good way to learn an important lesson. I don’t believe that anyone on this forum has ever suggested or recommended using a red tip on pavers before. I don’t believe anyone here has recommended using a zero degree nozzle for anything. I think the normal reaction or suggestions is to throw it away. They do make zero degree rotating nozzles, aka a turbo nozzle, that are a little safer to use than the red tip if you learn to use it first.

Pro tip:

Your pressure washer will come with a red tip. Throw it in the trash immediately.

Ok, if someone will come close and will be looking at this paving like it would be their child they will se it but SAND PAPER DID A PERFECT JOB, it is not as black as it was now it is something like dark-gray when the bricks are just gray so it is not as easy to see as it was. If the client will not be ok with it me and my boys will just spend a bit more time on it and thats all. Thats my first job and the amount of experience i got from it already is hilarious, anyway thanks for the answears guys!