Black on the soffit?

I’m a newbie still in the “practicing on friends and family houses” zone. A friend has a house with the attached (black on the soffit). I’m used to only seeing green on soffits so far, so just curious if this black stuff should come off as easily as green stuff does with house wash mix? Or might it require more pressure and/or scrubbing?

I’m fairly new to PW in general, but it looks like mold/mildew to me. I haven’t seen this in the Louisville area, as a homeowner I would be concerned there is more of it up in their attic.

Have you seen this on any other houses in the area?

BTW make sure their windows are shut before you softwash.:+1:

Mist it with housewash and it will disappear in about 1 minute


This is all over every house in the south…hit it with mix and it is gone.
There is far more black than green on houses that I wash.


Not sure how hot you make you mix, but those sofits are going to need a couple applications.

Every house I wash out my way has the same thing.

Alot of jobs I do only want the sofits cleaned.

Mostly beach front homes.

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I agree…probably two applications if you’re downstreaming. But it will come off.

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One application of less than 1 percent mix gets it right off for me…it just goes away easily.