Birds nests and bee hives

Had a house yesterday that had both. Estimate was done online so i wasnt seen before hand and wasnt mentioned by cust. Luckily in this case both were inactive so we did the wash. Anyone run into this stuff? I’m curious how you guys handle it (especially when they’re active)

I will remove bird nest just spray them. As far as bees go the need to call a company to handle that. Imagine spraying that apart and a swarm of bees on the hunt in the neighborhood and in the home

I’ve wiped out tons of bees nests with a good strong house wash mix. With a 0060 nozzle downstreaming 12.5% will kill wasps/hornets etc. just SOAK them! They bees will drop like…dead bees.

Don’t kill birds though. That would be mean.

I have no remorse for bee’s…when they are spotted, they get a mouth full of saltwater

An explicit heavy metal song by Dope pops in my head when I see them…

Man good point, didnt think of the liability of swarming bees.

I carry several cans of wasp spray in my truck. We always run into active wasps nest. The spray works great, hit and run and then wait a few and knock or spray the nest down. I’ve never run into bees so I can’t say. They can have their hive deep behind siding and you may only see 20% of the hive exposed or less. With bees, you gotta kill the queen.

I agree with the house mix but better hope and pray than none escape under the stream. But otherwise there all dead.