Biodegradable cleaner?

I am just starting my business and living in the Pacific Northwest don’t want to get into trouble for using harsh chemicals. Anyone have any good results with biodegradable cleaners? Distilled white Vinegar? Apple Cider Vinegar? Thanks!


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Bleach. Everything else is hype!

Agreed. Do some research into bleach. It biodegrades into salt. If you’re customers are truly concerned print out what you find and give them a hand out on exactly how safe it is. If a customer tells me they don’t want bleach I tell them they’re other options are just soap and water but that doesn’t include my satisfaction guarantee.

Thanks guys. I did see a product called Wash Safe. From what I can tell they use hydrogen peroxide as their main ingredient. It seems pricey. For a 3 lb container to do a 3000 Sq Ft roof it’s $25. If you buy in bulk and get a 40lb container it’s $205, but that brings the cost down to $15 per 3000 sq ft house.

Also, Why is it alot of guys say you need a dedicated 12v pump system to do this vs. downstream injecting? Is it because your fighting gravity and run the possibility of damaging your PW with downstreaming? Are you limited to 1 or 2 story units with a PW downstreaming?

A 12 v pump will allow you to spray any concentration of chems that you want. A DS will only allow somewhere between 10-20% depending on the type of DS and you machine. This questions been answered at least a dozen times though. Try the search feature. There’s tons of info on everything you would want to know here.