Biggest job so far - having trouble with pricing

Looking for some help trying to price this gas station biggest job a
I’ve gotten doing ALL CONCRETE
The pumps
The canopy
Car wash exterior
Store front and exterior
And dumpster area thanks for the input


Welcome to the forum.

  1. You probably won’t get much help because of your lack of read time and lack of a proper introduction
  2. Prices aren’t generally thrown around on this forum as we all have different markets, overhead and profit requirements
  3. Things to ask yourself about this job: is the store open 24 hours? Do you have a hot water burner? Do you have the equipment and crew to complete the job in 1 night? Do they have water available and if they do does it have good flow? Do you have the equipment to reclaim waste water or at least pump it to the landscaping?

Again, welcome


And if you do the job make sure you don’t ruin a gas pump. Those things are pricey

You’ll want hot water on this one. A lot of commercial clients want you in and out so it’ll speed up the process, make it easier on you, and do a better job cleaning.

Price is going to come down to how much oil, grease, and gum there is.

You said you already got the job. If so, just give them a price based on how long you think it’ll take you. You want to hit your hourly rate you try and make each day. As far as car wash and store front just imagine they’re a house and think about what you charge for those. Same can kind of be done for the canopy but easier to ballpark how long it’ll take you.

Let us know what type of equipment you have and we might be able to help more. A cold water machine is going to take you a lot longer and, likely cost more, because of more chemical use. That’s going to affect pricing. Also, as mentioned above, is reclaim required? That will really add to the ticket.


That’s a hot lead for someone if I’ve ever seen one. In the future please use discretion when posting up your leads




Whatever price you come up with…since this is your first job like this…add 10% to that price. You can thank me later.

Honestly, they would not pay what I would charge them to do it…these places are cheap.

They would have to pay me $850…this price is just for the canopy and buildings with immediate concrete around them…and that is with me just making a WAG on the concrete footage. It could be more or less based on that…I am guessing all concrete under that canopy is about 3500.
Like I said…they would never pay what it would cost for me to do it. You are on your own for figuring the remaining 25,000 square feet of concrete. And, I don’t actually think they will have that done.

Don’t forget…depending on drainage situation…you might have to chase that water a bit…that takes time.
However, the building washes should be pretty easy.

They will want it have what I described above done for about $600 or less…and I don’t work that cheap.

Also, you will have to cover those pumps.


Tree fiddy no negotiations.


Tree fiddy no negotiations.

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Hey man, nice tool what app is that?

I suggest you don’t go after jobs like that unless that’s the direction you want to take your company. To make money on gas stations you’ll need the right equipment and processes to make it go quick and efficient. Most of that work is done at night and with a crew who can knock out several a night. Just doing one here or there isn’t going to add much to the bottom line.


Google earth! It’s very handy. They have a mobile app for it too. I use it religiously. You can view homes in 3D as well, helps with getting to know the area before you visit.

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Yeah sorry guys for the lack of introduction I’m always rushing I’m a full time food delivery truck driver working 60-70 hours a week and do as much extra on the side on the weekend also lawn care I’m not new to the game just haven’t done a gas station this size and everything they want done It’s usually just this that or the other I’ve been in the delivery business for over 10 years in the same area so I’ve built relationships with all my customers I deliver to and have strong contacts I’ve used my delivery job to land a lot of work I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m going to be doing this over night I usually do that on my weekends that’s when I’ve done some gas stations and restaurants I started off small years ago doing houses with 2 cold PWS and slowly progressed equipment wise but Saved up enough money to get a setup with a simpson king brute hot washer 3k psi 2.8 gpm and last purchase was a hot to go 4K psi 4.8 gpm skid package I have both hot washers and 275 gallon water supply on a 7 X 18 steel car hauler also have a 7x20 hybrid (special events) type trailer which actually comes in handy 8 feet enclosed 12 feet open space with sidewalls and ramp me and a friend who’s into welding and fabrication replaced the wood deck with square tubing frame braces and crosspieces topped off with 1/8 rhino lined diamond plate we have 2 other gas washers 2 electric washers 4 surface scrubbers scaffolding Hundreds and hundreds of feet of hoses wands sprayers attachments replacement parts etc in my truck bed I have 300 gallon cage tote

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I also get commercial grade chemicals through the driving job I work for

Woah. Slow down and throw some punctuation in there so we can read what you’re trying to say.

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Oh you didn’t hurt my feelings at all. I was very happy to read your post. Just wish I had more to offer for you!

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