Big two story metal roof

I have a request on this 6000 sq ft metal roof. It is new construction with landscaping dirt and dust on it. It will be challenging to reach all the spots on the roof but I was curious if I should use any SH or just go with surfactant. It also has some paint over-spray on it, so I doubt that will be coming off.
Any suggestions? - Thanks

He is going to want it perfect since it is going into the Parade of Homes tour.

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Why would you even think of using SH on it, no organic stains. Call manufacturer re paint on it and general cleaning. Getting that paint off going to be fun, lol. Let us know what they say. Good luck.

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Figured it wouldn’t need SH but you guys surprise me here all the time.
Let me ask another dumb question. I have a gallon final wash. Do you think it would be worth putting it on for additional shine on or would it just be a waste since the roof is new?
I will ask the developer for the brand and manufacturer to see what they say.

I would be asking the roofing manufacturer. Hopefully there’s enough dust under the overspray that it comes up easy. :astonished:

That would be nice, but from the drone shots it looks like they painted it before it got too dirty.
I’m going out to see it in a couple of days so I will update y’all after I have a look.

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Waste, that’s primarily for neutralizing SH anyway.

Kinda figured that too…thanks Racer.

Is the painter still on site find out exactly what paint he used and how long ago this was done. And talk to the roofing contractor he will know who made it maybe even have a extra panel you can do some test on. I’m sure both contractors will help you they just want this problem to go away as fast as possible


See where youre going with this question, its just the product you mention is wrong choice. There is a vendor, I think its “Southside equipment”, and he recommends after metal roof cleaning, downstream some type of product to give it a shine. Look on his site and it will tell you what he recommends, or call.