Big thanks to John T

John came up to our BBQ this weekend and was kinda enough to bring this really amazing gift. Thanks a lot John it means a lot!

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Got your voice mail Chris. Can u send out the other one in that folder? As for you guys getting that-- the Ruth family is big with people supporting each other. Doesn’t matter how they do it as long as they do it. Like a team. You, Thad and the PWRA make a good team who support contractors. Both of you are honest and determine individuals within this Industry. That’s why you got that;)

Rumor around town here is that a couple houses down from me lived an umpire who was friends with Ruth. I guess Ruth used to hang out there and crack baseballs into the pond in my back yard. Don’t know if there’s any truth to it at all. That’s my story. Oh yeah, yankees suck. The end.

Lol… Brian Penney from Mass. Use to always say the same thing when ending a sentence “The Yankees suck” lol this is before the Redsox finally won something after all those years. Ruth Still won more world Series with the Sox then they have won since they sold him to the Yankees.

I won’t tell u who my favorite teams are because My teams suck-- And the Yankees don’t suck… Well that is they do when they crush my teams… Just like they crushed Ted Williams and the Sox…for years:rolleyes: