Big, Huge, Momentous Day on the horizon

Do you all know what this coming Monday is?

PWRAs Birthday! Thats right the PWRA will be 1!

I knew it was coming soon and we have just been so busy with setting up new discounts and benefits for our member si didn’t realize how soon it really was. But in just a few short days our association will be turning the corner on its second year. I’m proud to say a while back we surpassed our 100 members mark and are well on our way toward 200 and the forum has grown in leaps and bounds with all the great contributors that visit daily.

One thing that has me amped up is all the new stuff we have in store for the PWRA, new benefits, new downloads, new webinars and it doesn’t stop there. Just keep your eyes are ears open for updates.

Also I’m really excited to start seeing those Year 2 PWRA Member badges start popping up around on all of those who have been with us from the start! If anyone has any questions about your renewal date feel free to give me a call at 862-266-0677 or email me at

Not a PWRA Member? Feel like you may be missing out? Your right!

Reach out to Thad ( or myself and we’d be happy to tell how you can become a part of the fastest growing Pressure Washing Association today. Or check us out here Join the PWRA!

Got me in as a second-year member. It’s just hard to pay by credit card on the cell phone. Where’s that PayPal button when you need it?

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Badge? What badge? I wanna badge. Please can I have one.

I distinctly remember a phone call from Thad around a year ago telling me that something big was about to happen…and it involved a humongous sticker. Congratulations PWRA!