Big Guy 4 Tip Bar Problems

I have been using my big guy two tip bar for about 2 years now and it got to where I needed a new bar. Got the 4 tip and now I hate it. Got it from PressureTek with 25020 tips. I’m doing an apartment complex and I’ve resorted to using my 4gpm 18in surface cleaner because I like it better and it does a better job. Again, nothing wrong with anything in the 8.5 gpm system, it runs like a champ, but I had to crank the pressure all the way up from 2800-3000lbs to above 4K and it still won’t clean the surface as well as my 4gpm. Am I missing something?

To the left is the big guy 4 tip bar almost full pressure and the right is just my 4gpm cleaner. I have to be missing something. The tips were clogged when I first ran it, so I had to take an awl and get some of the debris out, but I don’t think I could have changed the size of the orifice, right?

18 inches is about the max an 8gpm can effectively run. I routinely use a 16in instead of the 19in with my 8gpm’s. If you are “cranking” up the pressure with your unloader then 1) your unloader is not set correctly and 2) you are bypassing water that needs to be cleaning concrete, not going back into your tank. Put a 4 nozzle on your 18 inch and sell whatever your other one is.

Cranking up the pressure won’t change anything at the surface cleaner. Your tips control the pressure and are setup for whatever you choose. You need a tip chart to appropriately choose the correct tips to raise or lower pressure.

You should never “crank up the pressure”

Thanks @Firefighter4hire for correcting me on above statement. @A.M.P.W have you considered trying different tips?

That’s incorrect. I use a 28” big guy and 36” maxima (with hot water) and 8GPM with no issues.

The 19” might be more efficient and is more efficient in certain applications but making false statements helps no one.

@Racer any input? You use larger surface cleaners more often than I have so far.

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