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We are going to submit a bid to an HOA to clean all of their sidewalks in a neighborhood. There is about 4.50 miles of sidewalks.

It would all be surface cleaning, we would need to bring in water, as well as capture any water and redirect to landscape.

What would you charge for something like this?

Is 4.5mi just an exaggeration or is that the real length. I can’t give you a price, but I would find a section that can be a compared to the most if the job. Let’s say 200’ of sidewalk, curbs, entrances to driveways etc. Decide how much water-time-fuel-chemicals etc to do that 200’ then figure out how many of that size section you have. Let’s just say $50.00 a 200’ section.
5280’ in a mile. X4.5 mi = 23,760 linear feet. -/• 200 = 118.8 sections. Let’s say 50$ each section = $5,940.00 I would give a discount for a large job +- 10%. This is just an idea not REAL numbers. If it is 4.5 miles long wear sombreros! Sounds like a boring day. Lol.

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You can also ask about using only hot water/stream to clean with and not use chemicals and maybe you don’t have to reclaim/redirect runoff. I would give them a price with reclaim and without that would show then how much cheaper without reclaim. This would be worth the lower price because the reclaim would be a P.I.T.A!!!

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You read it correctly 4.50 miles.

You came out with the same exact number I did. I think .10 a sq foot is a discount compared to regular rates. I personally would not offer an additional discount on top of your quoted price.

Would you add expenses on top of this number or is your number including expenses?

That number was to include all expenses. As I said it was a fake number and would have to look at the job etc. It all depends on you and your abilities and average hourly rate etc. I only offer those discounts on large jobs because it makes the customer feel good to see them being offered a discount, even if the cost is added back in somewhere.
You can always break down the invoice for each item and it helps customer see how the cost adds up. It makes it easier when they see a large number if they know your not pulling a random number out of the sky.

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To Reclaim or not to Reclaim, that is the question. That is a can of worms depending on who you talk to. I know that a lot of the competition is not doing it but that does not make it right.

You need to follow not only the EPA recommendations as well as any local codes.

Local Codes here are not only concerned with soap but sediment, so it is required that you redirect runoff to landscaping or reclaim.

I always like to tuck a discount in there to give the customer a warm feeling as well. Itemization is a good thing, I think the customer sees value in that over looking at a single number and wondering what exactly they are paying for.

Do you have a reclaim? I think the hot water no chem solution would be ideal! Considering you are hauling water in, .10 a sqft would be cheap IMO.

I would be around the 12 to 14K without reclaim. Probably why I don’t get many commercial jobs like this. I’m not cutting prices because they have more work. The more work I do at a lowball rate the more it hurts me because I don’t have crews working better paying jobs. Also, a job this size, you should expect problems. If it can go wrong or break, it most likely will and stretch the job out even further if you aren’t prepared for it. Not to mention, you are on the hook for everything including payroll until they pay you. Just food for thought

One of the biggest misconceptions about reclaim is that people think they do not have to do it if soap is not involved.

That may be true for some localities, but false for others. It is not just about soap, there is a concern about sediment as well.

I am not going to debate reclaim in this thread. You need to be aware of not only EPA Guidelines but also if your city has its own set of Guidelines as well.

You guys out there that do reclaim, do you charge more in addition to what you would charge for a non reclaim job?

Down here, very few times we reclaim unless it’s gas stations, or parking garages n such. (Most gas stations here have a perimeter built in that reclaims the water here )

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Yes heroes we do charge more. You have to consider with reclaim you have another cumbersome hose you are dragging around plus the added set up and tear down time. You also have to take into consideration what you are going to do with the reclaimed water if you aren’t filtering and reusing it. Also, the huge amount of sludge you will produce from a job like that.

I’d rent a fire hydrant meter or try to hook up to their irrigation sprinkler main rather than hauling in the water, but we’re only set up to carry 800 gallons of water.