BEWARE / Simpson!

If you do not want to read this entire debacle, just DO NOT BUY FROM FACTORY PURE OR SIMPSON!

My first post here and I just want to document the complete incompetence that I have been dealing with for the last 3 weeks in hopes that a reader will avoid the same nightmare.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I will never make these mistakes again. Hard lesson learned…

Ordered Simpson PowerShot 4240 “Factory Refurbished” from Was attracted to the Honda GX390 and prospect of saving a few $s on a tight start-up budget. FactoryPure shipped it the next day via freight and I received 1 week later. All seemed good at this point and I was excited to get it.

Mistake… Did not open and inspect it at freight terminal before bringing home. Unpacked only to discover the wrong model was sent! Received beat up 3800PSI 3.5GPM model with crushed gas tank, dirt on the tires that had obviously been used for many hours instead of the like new factory refurbished 4240 I was expecting. We had jobs scheduled that we needed this machine for, so I Immediately contacted hoping they would get the correct unit sent out ASAP, which I realized would still take another 5-7 days of lost jobs to receive. Of course that did not happen and I was told they needed to contact their Simpson rep to “see what could be done”. First red flag that was not going to take care of the problem directly by sending me what I had ordered from them. Was told the following day that Simpson would be sending me the correct model directly and was going to send a return BOL to return the wrong machine directly to Simpson. A few days later on a Thursday Simpson/ FNA Group emailed that “they were going to try to get it out today”. They did not. Friday when I pressed them I was told “It should go out today”. It did not. Monday run around, Tuesday more runaround, Wednesday finally shipped. Was relieved that the right machine was finally on its way. Received it the following Tuesday and was pleased that it was the correct model and other than another crushed gas tank it looked brand new. Unpacked and quickly realized that I was missing a handle and then discovered that they did not ship the now infamous AAA Pump breather plug. Simpson ships the units with pump oil and puts in a temporary sealed plug so the oil doesn’t leak during transit. Without this plug, after almost 3 weeks I still did not have a working machine. Again immediately contacted FactoryPure and Simpson directly about the damaged and missing parts. Asked them to please overnight the plug that day and send the replacement gas tank and missing handle ASAP. They confirmed that they shipped the plug, and would be sending the other parts “shortly”. When the plug did not show up the next day I pressed them for a tracking # and realized they sent it ground to save a few bucks again at my expense of lost time and jobs. A few days later I received tracking for the missing handle and replacement crushed tank. Today after waiting all week on UPS Ground and losing more jobs that I had rescheduled this week, I received a plug cap, but not the entire plug. This was after I took the time to explain exactly what I needed and even sent them pictures of the part and a YouTube video of a customer replacing the shipping plug with the breather plug. I demanded that they get the entire plug shipped via next day air or FedEx today. They actually sent out the bottom of the plug only which was fine since I have the cap, but did not send the o-ring for it and you guessed it… sent it via Ground again.

Congratulations if you have made it this far… Typically I would not write bad reviews. Maybe only wrote 2-3 in my life. But others need to be very clear that either FactoryPure, Simpson or both do not care about their customers and do not care that their mistakes cost us $$$ and customers. I will never purchase another product manufactured by FNA Group Simpson and definitely will not purchase from FactoryPure. Please do not be a sucker for a discounted price like I was. This has cost me 10-20X what I thought I would save. This site has many bad reviews of Simpson. Unfortunately because I am new, I was not aware of this site before I purchased. Now I know better. Hopefully I will be able to get this machine making $ soon to start to pay me back for the lost time and frustration. Next time it is Pressure Pro and Pressure Tek or a good local vendor that takes care of their customer when something goes wrong.

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Welcome. Two sides to every story. invite the seller here to give their side.


And I’m not taking up for Simpson. It is a homeowner grade machine

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I would absolutely love for them to engage. I have the entire thing in an email chain a mile long…

I bought a Simpson as well thinking i could go wash a house with the highest pressure possible. Lucky i found this site and had not opened the box. Returned it and started reading.

I do have one question. How did you get so many jobs so quick? You didnt even have a pressure washer…
So i know you didnt have door hangers, business cards, insurance, website, didnt do eddm, google ads, etc.
Are you a landscaper or something that got asked to wash thier houses?


I probably miss out on a lot of stuff on this forum from being to lazy to read long winded posts… is there a summary button somewhere


My son and I have been doing around the neighborhood for awhile. Community website and word of mouth. Really haven’t advertised much. I have an old feeble residential 2300psi 2gpm on its last leg. Decided to create LLC, get business license and insurance and purchase the above machine. Scale into better equipment ASAP.

Yes the first sentence hahaha. It was a rant, but all accurate from my perspective. Like @Innocentbystander pointed out “there are 2 sides to every story”, but I stand by the above. I think Simpson is just too big and big retailer/consumer focused. Their shipping department is ultimately to blame IMO, but higher ups have failed to solve problems and I feel I have been written off. Both the companies mentioned are probably perfectly fine to deal with as long as everything goes well, in my case multiple things went wrong and they have failed miserably to resolve issues they created in the first place.

Where in FL are you? I’m in Winter Garden.

what your using will get you by until that pump goes out you can make enough money with it to get you some better equipment. Some people have started out with worse than that. Is yours a belt driven or direct drive? That pump wont last you to long. The Honda motor is solid. Start looking into a new pump, unloader and everything else other than the motor lol.

Its a direct drive Comet pump branded as AAA. Knew this was not a great machine, but GX390 and price point is what attracted me to it. Hopefully it will last long enough to make enough $ to get 3500PSI 8GPM belt drive in a few months. Gotta start somewhere…


Tampa area

It’ll last a while, just be sure to hit the trigger every minute so the pump doesn’t overheat. I’m working with a similar setup (4/4) just with a Cat pump.


Idk it sounds like they tried to help you. Maybe it was overall the maker of the machine. Was that Simpson pressure washers?

Well my husband just ordered one, we own a pool cleaning business. By far FactoryPure had the better deal… I’m okay with waiting an extra day or two to save cash.

I’ll let you know how it goes because we also purchased refurbished yesterday afternoon.