Better Business Bureau_ Chamber of Commerce

Saw some post from some year ago, but wanted to know -

  1. Who is or was a member of the BBB or Chamber?
  2. What does or did it do for you?
  3. Is it even relevant anymore?
  4. Other thoughts about these once institutional organizations?

They are scams that pretty on new businesses and people that think the BBB carries any weight


I know people who have a lot of success with COC. But you have to put forth the effort going to events and networking. It’s not designed for stuff to fall in your lap. I want/need to join but I’m stuggling to find the extra time between work, school and BNI

What he said. The only weight it carries is being able to market it to people who think it actually carries some weight.

It’s my understanding that they were sort of like the original Angie’s List, Yelp , Home Advisor minus the internet presence. A pay to play scam towards businesses where the more you pay the better you look to consumers.

Not a fan of what the BBB actually does but it carries a lot of weight with many people. :flushed:

I dropped my BBB “accreditation” last year. I saw no upside from having it besides the sticker on the truck. Just pay a bunch of money and anyone can get accredited it seems. Don’t wast your money.

Keep in mind that they’ve sort of made lthemselves (after many years) as the leading authority looking out for innocent consumers. Unfortunately in many areas it might even be a good idea to pay their membership just to slap their logo on your website or marketing material . However, look at it like a necessary evil.

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As a younger consumer, I can say I have never checked a BBB rating before hiring a company. I feel it’s a huge waste these days.

As an “older” consumer I can tell you back in the day they were the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for many people. I am a BBB member at 60.00 per month, I have a lot of older customers (60+), they really like the BBB certification. If you’re a member and someone does a review on you, the BBB will contact you before posting it. You will get a BBB rating whether you are a member or not if someone asks about you. If you have a younger clientele, I would probably not spend the money.

I’m a member of the COC 100 bucks a yr. Don’t get to munch work from them. Check and see if there is anyone else a member that does pressure washing. I join every yr mainly because it’s in town and if I need to fax or use the computer,make copies ext ext. They have a conference room to if u need to have meetings. Can’t beat it for 100 bucks money well spent. JMO

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I’m a member of the chamber of commerce! They actually gave me a year membership and cash to wash their building lol


I do a good bit of work for the exchange club. They have been great to do work for great people. Do awesome work at a fair price and they will keep u busy. They vote on most jobs and sometimes it takes a few to know u get the job. Be patient and get to know them. Just my experience I like doing work for them!!

I think the COC really depends on where you live. Mine has a mentor program for new members. You get mentoreded by someone who has been to almost all 300 something chamber events and ran a successful business. It’s a huge chamber of commerce, with almost every hotel and restaurant owner in the county belonging to it. I also live in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, which helps. The neighboring county’s chamber is about like the local Red Hats club. You’d get more work from a yard sign.


Yep. COC matters if you want to market to the businesses who are members, but there’s a lot of ribbon cuttings and schmooze events you gotta go to for people to recognize you.

I’m scrapping the bbb membership this month. It’s only $30/month, but I’m not sure it’s actually done a darn thing for me.

My COC membership was around $700 and has been a loss. I won’t renew this year.

My BNI membership was a little over $700 and paid for itself 32x over.


They track your referral performance in the bni?

Yep. If you fall under a certain number they kick you out if you don’t improve it after a certain number of months. The chapter I’m in averages $1.5m a year in aggregate closed business though so something is working.

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