Bet Way To Clean Metal Bleachers?

Bidding on this job and wondering the best way to clean. It’s football stadium bleachers with a lot of dirt and gunk built up, with a little bit of gum. Any tips on solution? Do we need to use SH, house wash mix, etc?

Thanks in advance!

*I did search and found a little about cleaning metal roofs. Some say use house wash, some say a little F-13 and some car wash soap.

Chase Lord
MEGAH Pressure Washing
Augusta, Ga

make as much money as you can…Bleach,water.and pressure Forget the house wash mix. Doesn’t do much anyway.
I’d steer away from using experimental cleaners on this for liability reasons. Get the darn thing clean and get out of there. Don’t turn this into a nightmare.You have no idea how F-13 will react to that metal.

If you’re pretty set on running chems. Do yourself a favor and do a test spot.

We knocked it out! Just down-streamed our house wash mix. Turned out GREAT! Thanks for the feedback!