Bestline Oil Additive


Found this pretty darn interesting. And I kinda enjoyed watching him blow a hole in the side of a Predator engine.


Awseome video. Need some bestline now


I’ll just stick with the oil. I rarely run my machines without oil :smile:


Haha c’mon… didn’t even find it remotely interesting? The bearing test jig even?!


Hopefully you’ve got more hunting to do so that you don’t have time to post stuff like this for the whole time you’re shut down. LOL I’m old, can’t waste 10+min of my remaining on watching this stuff


Ive only got 3 days left of the townhomes and I’m gonna share one of these videos every day. I’m an hour into a video titled Car engine autopsy no oil change for 75,000km!! by a guy in @BuzzLightyear’s neck of the world.



Ha… I watched it then went and looked at a few of his other videos… got sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole and ended up watching seafoam videos too.
Amsoil vids next


God help us. You should take a road trip to Raleigh and visit Innocent for awhile. He can put you on the float boat on the waterway for a month or 2. You can probably make it to Miami by then. Of course getting it back home to him will be hell. You post another video like that, sure I’ll be able to take up a sizable collection from the other readers here to get you on your way.:sunglasses:


I bought a set of vampliers last week thanks to youtube… they got me. I’m looking forward to testing them out though.


ok, you sucked me in. What the hell are Vampliers?


Good question, I’d like to know that as well…


Ha! Got him!


Only 5 minutes long. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t you be welding something?


I have 15 minutes left in the engine autopsy…


I’ll spoil it for you. It died from lack of oil.


My laugh just scared the dogs. That caught me off guard.


16hp Briggs were bad for bending rods. You can beat those suckers straight with a hammer and flat surface and put them back in. There’s my mechanical input for the night.


My take-away is that You should set you up a youtube channel like that dude so you can get people to send you free tools. Would be the perfect job for you. You could demo them while you’re working in your small engine repair shop.


There would be breaks in the video where Roadie had to pause and spit in a cherry pepsi bottle