Best ways to pick up new business

What is one thing you’ve used to gain tons of business? Whether it’s HoA’s, social media, yard signs/door hangers, emails, physical mail, pitching to commercial businesses, door knocking, etc. I’m trying to put together a list of things to focus on to drum up business and I’ve seen all of these things be recommended, but I’m interested to see what has worked for people who actually do the work, and not just what google AI says. Anything helps, thanks in advance!

Networking. Good luck

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Being visible… whether door hangs, yard signs, shirts/truck signage… I’ve done more work for neighbors then anything else.


Do an excellent job, nothing is better than a referral. In the beginning I did door knocking, Angi’s list etc, people love to help people grow a good business and refer someone so that a friend’s job gets done correctly. With so much trash out there be the guy that gets the job done right and knows how to speak with customers. Most of us get the same 15 questions: how about my windows, how about my plants etc, have your reply down to a simple response your deliver flawlessly. If you don’t know the questions, you will if you stay in the business. What’s your response? Keep reading this forum and make the reply your own.


I’ve recently discovered that doing a few ‘critical’ windows on the outside with a waterfed pole to remove the inevitable spots/smears after a housewash really makes people happy. Takes like an extra 20 minutes if that.