Best way to wash brick

98% of my house washes are vinyl or painted wood/plank surfaces.
This week I had 2 large brick homes with walls etc.
What is the best/fastest way to clean up mold, moss, mildew on brick. I’ll attach some pics from today. I used 60% 12.5% 40% water and about a cup of elemonator. Should I add some EBC to the mix?Thanks.

You used a 60% mix of bleach and it still looks like that? What did you rinse with?

Don’t downstream it. You need a dedicated or pump sprayer to apply SH.

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I’ve used the same mix on brick with great results. Pump sprayer on the brick below. Like @Clean_Blue said when you downstream you’re getting a very low amount of SH to water. You’ll be there a month of Sundays downstreaming.



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No. Those were 2 different properties, before pictures. I ds’Ed 100% sh with elemonator and a touch of EBC. Let dwell then rinsed. The results were so so. I need to invest in a roof pump setup this winter as I continue to grow the business. Thanks for the information. I may buy a backpack sprayer as a temporary fix.

Have you looked into an xjet. It is supposed to deliver I think a 2:1 or so concentration. Not going to argue the whole that’s not softwashing etc. Just a thought, I work alone and will never do roofs. Not worth it to worry with to me but for other surfaces I am going the xjet route brick and other concrete surfaces where I need a higher concentration myself. Just a thought and cheaper than a whole system.


I have an x-jet. Didn’t think to use it though. May try it out tomorrow. Might ds the mix and stick the jet on the tip to get a little more concentration.

I think I quoted the ratio wrong but I know there is a chart on the forum and if you can’t find it here look at xterior for the info. It also depends on GPM. Good luck

Real curious here as well… we applies 1:1 sh to detergent mix via pump sprayer a small piece of a retaining wall that looksimilar to that above and nada… rinsed the hell out of it then tried ebc amd same damn thing i was floored …

Do you have after photos

No after photos. I did have my 2 gallon pump up bleach sprayed with me and filled it 1/2 way with 12.5%sh. Added 1/2 cup of elemonator and 1/2 cup EBC. Let dwell ~15 minutes and rinsed with a dofteash rinse tip from about 14". Came off fairly easily. If the mold were on bricks that I didn’t have easy access to, over 5’ away, I doubt I would be finished and typing this right now.
Personally I think a roof mix and pump would be best for this moss and mold in untraceable places. The problem would be the foliage as you don’t have gutters to divert chemicals away. Then rinsing with a stream with some light pressure.
I’ll admit that this property was out of my league as it’s back wall is about 40’ tall and without the 2 decks I would’ve failed at cleaning it.

Is there any roof wash solution at home depot that you can recommend?


What about 30 seconds outdoor cleaner. It was recommended to me recently.

Use whatever makes you happy

I am just wondering how far the difference is. Obviously I will use bleach if it is cheaper and does the same job.

I’ve read about sodium triphosphate in a roof mix, what say you about this?

I say no but I’m not a roof guy

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I’m not either as of now. My market may be over saturated with house wash guys, but roof guys are few and far between. I may look into it this winter as an opportunity to expand. Your knowledge and candor is always appreciated.