Best way to plumb 2 machines off one buffer tank advice

I’ve read here somewhere that feeding 2 machines off one line out of a buffer tank isn’t the best way,or to not use a T fitting as the splitter, but use a Y ? 350 gallon tote,1, 4gpm machine, 1, 5.5 gpm machine. Any advice is much appreciated. I’ve searched for feeding 2 with no luck.

Inuse 2" elbow then a y to split them.

I’ll take a picture of mine when I get back to the house


Nice ikki

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Thank you fellas. I really appreciated the video and pictures, It REALLY helps. Nice rig @Ikii. Thank you @Kps0410 ,I just went and spent an hour on the shop floor at the local farm services piecing everything together ya’ll showed me.


I have a 5gpm and a 6.8gpm both plumbed off an IBC tote. Dead simple, 2” T reduced to 1” going to each pump. I’ve had both running at the same time for 100’s of hours in the last few months with no issues. I’m about to take a HUGE step up, but this has been working perfectly :sunglasses:


You definitely can do but why would you want to just put another fitting in the tank. 1st its cheaper by the time you buy all the fittings also keeps the machines independently fed.

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I had a 65 gallon tank and had a few times on wells when my 5.5 and 4 would drain the tank. I now have a 125 gallon tank and almost no problems. I installed a 2nd float valve in case I need to run 2 hoses to keep tank filled. Only used it once. I used a 2" down to a 1" for each machine.

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I would like to see and hear an explanation of how your trailer is setup. I understand most of it but it looks like you have some interesting accessories.

Specifically what?

The supply manifold? 0:56-1:00 and why not have the injectors with drop tubes into your SH tank?

@Ikii do you use your SH tanks to fill buckets to make your mix?

And maybe I’m missing something. But what is your process. It looks like you have your reel plumbed up routed through 200 feet of hose then into your injector then to nothing. image

that is my injector bypass.
I do not run chems through my reels, never had.
My oldest one is about 10 years now.
I have a jumper hose from the reel to the bypass.
what you see above also helps with hooking up the hose safely when I drive.

I use a hose and a manifold.
on the picture above you can see next to my dump valve black connections.
They are micro valves.
one for straight SH to my injector, the other to my mix bucket.

Hopefully this helps


Where did you get those valves for the SH line? How does it hold up to SH? Also where did you get the stickers made with your business name? I looked online and couldn’t find anywhere that wasn’t for 500 stickers.

They are banjo.
I order them on internet.
I have another 4 of them coming in 2 weeks.
I always like having at least 3 of everything just in case.
3 is 1 and 1 is zero…lol
They are viton and schedule 80.
That set up is about $150
What you dont see is the water connection to flush and clean the hoses after every use. Thats an extra 50.
The micro valves and check valves are expensive.
Stickers from the local printer.
Always buy local when i can.
I can give you his number, but he is no artist just a printer, very limited on what he can design, better to have all your vector files with you and he can put something together.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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