Best way to clean old painted house?

Looking for suggestions, to see what the best way to wash an older hand painted house would be?

Latex paint, and there is no green on the house just a fine layer of black mold on the siding. Can I use SH? And what would my ratio be?

Any help would be appreciated

Hit the search button and type in keywords like painted

I usaully grab me a can of the same color paint and down stream it. When you finish DS you some paint stipper to hit the spots you accidentally got paint on.


That’s a loaded question, there’s so much to washing a house it’s hard to explain in just a reply message, honestly I’d just recommend hiring a local exterior cleaning professional to do it. Save yourself the time and headache, irreversible damage can be done if not washed properly. Focus your time and energy to what you do best

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Yes, and most would recommend a ratio of 1-2%.

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Thank you.

The house was just painted a year ago, oil base, hand brushed, with a satin gloss. I tried a degreaser and just some cleaning soaps and they cleaned the dirt but then I tried just spraying 6% sh all on inconspicuous areas as test areas and the 6% was taking the black mold right off. Running off that small area.

So I’ll use a weak version sauce and that should take care of it.

Thanks for the help

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