Best way to adjust pressure?

I’ve read a few ways people here adjust pressure on the fly such as using a ball valve, unloader or decreasing engine throttle.

What is the preferred method (aside from different tips) that is considered safe? I would think engine throttle because then the pump is simply running at the same reduced speed. Thinking about 3/4 throttle in my situation.

If you’re looking for tips, you have your answer.


Really looking for a situation where I want to “turn down” my surface cleaner for when the concrete is newer.

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There is a device that mounts to your surface cleaner, turn a knob and it decreases flow to the nozzles while bypassing through a hose to the cover.

What’s that called? Never heard of it. I use a whisper wash classic.

Found it online. Anyone here use it?

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Thanks all. Think I’ll be getting this (sold out right now of course). Have a job that I need to reduce pressure before I’ll be able to buy one so I think I’ll just reduce throttle for it (small job).

Probably almost everyone… :joy:

I even knew a fleet washer that had a few :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol I meant I found the bypass part online.