Best time to hang door hangers?

I’m wondering what the best time to hang door hangers is? I work during the day M-F and couldn’t go do it myself until later in the evening usually. Or weekend days. Or my wife could go do it for me during the weekdays.

Just wondering if you guys have any good or bad experiences with certain times or weekends vs weekdays.


Unless you’re knocking on doors when you go, why would it matter? My best advice is to try to place that door hanger in the hand of the homeowner and introduce yourself. The best time for that will be Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons when folks are out in their yards. OH, and drop the name of a customer who might (or might not) be a neighbor of theirs. Associations with others make great discussion openers.


The best time is right after you finish a house in that neighborhood. Search five arounds or 5 arounds. You can close more of those in 15 door hangers than you can in 70 door hangers in a neighborhood whose never seen you


Thanks. I’ve seen the 5 around thing. The problem is I havent done any residential yet. I just got my first set of door hangers this week and want to use them to get my first residential jobs. :slight_smile:

Im trying to get that first house wash and driveway wash.


Just do it.©


3:38 AM is the best time. Preferably during winter because people read more in the winter.