Best time of year to buy equipment?

Looking to upgrade/build a completely new set up and was wondering when you guys buy your stuff? Randomly? Or does pressure tek/Southside equipment run any sales at certain times of the year?

honestly, the best time to buy it is before you need it. There will always be sales but tje bottom line is, no one is going to be more than 3 to 5 percent higher than the next guy. Not much mark up and pressure pro and others set limits on what can be charged.

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I will say september or october

Well I’m kind of just coasting through this year with my stuff now. But I’m wanting to buy everything at the same time and have a complete set up for next year. Was just trying to save anywhere I can!

I always keep my eye out for any deal to good to pass. Weather I need it now or down the road. Snagged a new 4psi 4gpm 13 hp for $300 some dude off Craigslist. Had broken pull cord only. Pawnshops,yard sales,flee markets, anywhere.

I have been looking high and low for used stuff but can’t find anything around me. I’m near Greenville sc if anyone knows about or has anything there selling!

You are only 4 hours from Raleigh. For under 6k you can have a nice set up with everything you need at MVP Services

You got me listening! Is there anyone specific I need to talk to? And was that used or new?

Speak to Diego. Palmetto powerwashing down your way for a couple. That’s new. About 4k for machine, then tank, hoses, yada yada.

I’ve bought at least 15 from him over the years


I’m going to give him a call probably tomorrow! Was that 6k including trailer or just all the equipment to go on it?


Okay gotcha!