Best surfactant

I have a lemon scented surfactant and i mixed three different ratios(2.5, 5, 7.5 oz) into strait 2.5 gallon 12% SH and it still smelled very strong. Whats the best or strongest scented you guys have used?

I use Snotmenade but it’s not very effective.

I use Elemonator….seems to have changed though, doesn’t smell as strong as it used to. Maybe me though….

I use Elemonator on just about everything. Just ordered another 5’er of Elemonator yesterday so hopefully the scent will be stronger than it has been for my last two pails. I think it was displaced texan or maybe dirty boy who recently got a resupply and stated it was more potent.

Contact Horizon Aromatics for a free sample kit of bleach masking scents. They’ll send you a few small bottles to sample a few batches with. I typically just save my sample bottles for when I need to 12v a really bad driveway or something similar where the bleach scent will be strong.


Received my new jug of Elemonator today. I’ll likely put it to use within the next week or two. This time, the 5-er came in a car boy container rather than the pails I’ve been getting.

I use slo-mo. It’s super cheap and very concentrated


I tried Freshwash yesterday. Not bad! Just needs to be mixed maybe 1.5 oz per gal

We are using Northwest Apples which is a local soap to the Seattle to Portland areas. We were using Elemonator but when I called, they could not supply us with 55s. I also noticed the scent is not what it used to be. The Northwest Apples covers the scent really well and rinses great. Really enjoying this new soap. Don’t get me wrong, Elemonator is still one of our favorites. I just like the NW Apples a little more.

What vendor are you buying it from?

We use and sell it out of our shop in Oregon City. If you are up towards Seattle, Blue Skies Window Cleaning has it as well.

Is it possible to use a non-scented surfactant then add say, Gain which actually smells good?

Edit: I meant Arm & Hammer linen

Just add a little Arm and Hammer. Smells wonderful and actually helps clean.

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Slo Mo is not scented.

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Can I do that with Snotmenade already in the tank?

No clue on that. I’ve never used snotmenade.

Maybe I’ve lost my sense of smell lol. It may not be scented but it seems to help mask the smell of the sh. Am I wrong?

It maybe helps a tiny bit. Maybe.

I add a SH-stable scent to it. Smells amazing.

I still have the 3 sample bottles from horizon. Do you use a proportioner? If so how much scent do you add per gallon?

No proportioned. I only add a couple sips per 25 gallons of SH.

just use arm & hammer oxyclean. cheaper and works