Best Pump for GX390

Hey guys so I’ve been doing a bit of research and am looking to buy a udor pump since mine has gone out again(after being repaired at Northern).

Wanted to go with this one (not necessarily from here, just listing specs) since my machine is already set up for a belt drive pump but when speaking with a rep from where I’ll be purchasing he said it would be better to go with a 5gpm at 2500 since my engine is only 13 hp which wouldn’t be enough to push 5.5 @ 3.5k.

I said I didn’t really need 3500 psi but the increased flow would help but he still insisted that the smaller pump would be better, and it was maybe $80 cheaper so I couldn’t see him wanting to make a bigger sale affecting what he tells me.

From my understanding it would be better to have the higher flow with a higher max psi on the pump, or am I missing something? Any way I look at it, it seems like there’s no reason to get the smaller pump but I told him I would call back to order, any insights on this or am I right to get the bigger pump?

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Buy that pump. You will get the 5.5 or close, but it won’t put out 3500. Your rep is not explaining it to you correctly and is trying to make a sale on a cheaper pump.

Actually ur rep is being honest with you. 5.5 @ 2500 is what you can get with a 13hp. Buy the bigger pump that is 5.5 @3500 and test it. You will get only 2500 out of it. He’s being honest with you, take his advice

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Yeah and I don’t think I need more than 2500 or so. I think the extra .5 gpm would be worth the $80 or so difference since I’d be getting about the same psi anyways. Thanks!

Well if I’m getting 2500 psi anyways, I think the extra gpm would be better right?


Yessir. And if for some bizarre reason your pump outlasts the motor, you can always get a larger motor and get the full 3,500 psi in the future.

Yep. I have the 5.5 @ 3500 mounted on a GX390. Top pressure: 2500

You will LOVE that setup!

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would this pump be compatible with a gx390 direct drive? Or just belt driven?

The gx390engine is just the engine, your pump is either belt driven or direct driven either one can be mounted. Hope that helps @Sudz

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