Best pump for 22Hp predator engine

I have a 22 Hp v-twin predator engine, and wondering to built a PW.
What is the best fit pump for this engine?
Looking for something at least 7 gpm and 3500 psi.
To be used with a buffer tank, so must be gear or belt driven…
Any idea on pump, unloader to built a reliable set up?
Always worked with 4/4.4 psi. Time to upgrade.


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TSF2021, gearbox and basic pressure trapped unloader. Works fine for me.:+1:

Udor CKC 30/24-GR is a great pump, need the 1" solid shaft for your engine, we have 4 and they’re practically bullet proof.

Thanks. I liked the idea with the GP, very cost effective.
Udor is too much for me. At least at this moment.
An what about unloader? Tired of those little parts that love to fail…

Are you building your own machine? I made a cheap 8.6 gpm machine with a Predator 22hp and a cheap pump. I only splurged on the unloader. Bought everything from Envirospec. They helped me troubleshoot a couple if things too.

Go with a ZK1. $72 at kleenrite Link
or $88 at Pressuretek

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So, buy a quality skid and wash the next day. If you need to ask what to use, you probably can’t make your own. There are some things to save money on, but equipment shouldn’t be it. Save the predator for a lawn mower, get a good engine, udor skid and make money. Mvp Services in NC has 10 units they put together for $3K with gx660/comet. I don’t like the pump but for a 7gpm bulletproof skid, it is a great deal

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@SchertzServicesLLC did a predator build. Here’s a link to get you started with some info.

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