Best Price On Best PRESSURE WASHER Pants

These pants bleach VERY little, and after a year or more of service, there are slight shadows where 12% has fallen on them. While prices are so low, I advise stocking up on an investment that will pay dividends for at least several years.

Oh, and yes I’ve become a bit more rotund to those hecklers who will admonish me for the size. I actually bought 4 pair of 42/34’s and am about to pull the trigger on a few 38s for when my corpulence recedes.

NOTE: When I looked at the 38/34s they were twice as expensive. However, MOST sizes are marked down. HOWEVER, even at $30 I consider these pants a good value.

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Do you know if they make something with side/cargo pockets? I can hardly wear pants without cargo pockets for phone and wallet and junk. I like tac pants, but they can get a little pricey sometimes. At $11, these pants seem like a good price point.

Nevermind, their cargo pants are dam near the price of tac pants on sale. I rather buy tac pants with their proven durability.

I was using those Wrangler pants for a while but they started turning pink, so I just went back to wearing normal Duluth shorts and Frogg Togg overpants. I get crazy muddy at jobs so it’s nice just to shed a layer and look fresh again. Just wish the overpants were more flexible.